When in London…

The older I get the more I love spending time with my family. Gone are the days when it wasn’t ‘cool’ to be seen with your family; my dad asked me the other day what my plans are for the Easter weekend and I simply replied with ‘whatever your plans are’. Honestly, my parents have a better social life than me sometimes!

We spent the weekend in London in a gorgeous hotel in Holborn – our room was called the ‘shoebox’ and really was the size of a shoe box, but it was so cosy and what more can you want other than a comfy bed? We wandered around Covent Garden – since when has there been a Charlotte Tilbury shop?! I had to leave before I maxed out my credit card.

Our go to take-away has always been and always will be an Indian, but every now and then we push the boat out and so we went to Soho for a Chinese, I have to say I would have rather been sat in my local Indian (where I get free lollies, but that is besides the point). Followed by a trip to the theatre in the West End. Isn’t Les Mis just the best thing in the entire world!? If you haven’t seen it, I suggest you book your ticket now. I’ve been singing the songs for about a week now, I’m realllllly good at overplaying songs.


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