Love at first swipe

Having neglected Tinder for a couple of months due to a complete lack of any talent whatsoever, I decided to have a little flick through what was on offer. I ended up matching with someone who my friends would describe as my ‘type’; tall, blonde and slim.

You know when your ‘friends take your phone and message girls rude crap on Tinder’? Yeah that’s what happened, but for some reason we carried on talking and arranged a date for the following week.

The day of the date I was in London as I had been to see The Weeknd the night before, and to be honest I really could not be bothered to go out that evening as well. I got home and thought ‘love isn’t going to come and find you if you sit on your ass watching Celebs go Dating, demolishing a tub of Ben and Jerry’s’ – so half an hour later, with a full face of make-up and thigh high boots on I was getting back in my car.

Anyway, long story short, I felt the elusive ‘spark’ and the ‘I want to kiss you’ feeling, which you know I think is necessary. You know when you’re making your way home and you keep smiling and laughing to yourself and you even have that butterfly feeling? Yeah, it was one of those ones.

So there I am thinking I had found the love of my life…here’s the punch line…he is in the Navy and a couple of days after our date he went off in his submarine and I now have to wait 3 months for a second date.

Who said love was easy?!

over and out, the new girl x


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