March Round Up

I know everyone says this in these kind of posts, but…it only feels like last week I was writing my February Round Up.

This month has been a bit of a mad one. I feel like I’ve been here, there and everywhere. It sounds stupid, but I feel like I’ve properly ‘lived’? Since moving home I have a bit more disposal income so it has been good being able to do things. Having said that…I am writing this post a couple of days before payday and the struggle is real.

This month I have really got back into reading beauty blogs and watching beauty themed YouTube videos. I have a wish list about 13786487346 pages long on Beauty Bay – thanks Jeffree Star for making me want ALL your products. p.s If you don’t know who Jeffree Star is ~ shame on you ~ girrrrrrl you are missing out.

Apart from becoming obsessed with what make-up I’m going to buy on payday (am I the only person who sits and googles something until they’ve got it?) I’ve also loved watching ‘This Country’ on BBC3. It’s described as a ‘mockumentary’ about living in rural England. I think it’s a bit of marmite situ; people either love it or hate it. I love it, it’s brilliant. I would happily watch it again.

It’s also dawned on me that I go on holiday with my family on the 1 June which actually isn’t that far away! In true ‘I need a holiday body’ style I’ve frantically downloaded apps such as ’30 day squat challenge’ and ‘map my walk’ to try and motivate me to do some exercise. It’s going well, but it has only been a week so I shall keep you posted.

This year is going so fast, but I am so content with everything in my life right now I really don’t care!

How has your month been?

over and out, the new girl x


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