The search for the holy grail: foundation

Every single girl is on that journey to find their holy grail foundation and it is a journey that takes time, money, dedication and endless days of looking in the mirror half way through the day and thinking wtf has happened to my face?!

I think my journey has come to an end…

The L’Oreal Infallible Pro Matte is the ONE (so far anyway). It is the ONLY foundation I have ever finished and had to re-purchase, so that in itself is saying something (whilst writing this I am nearing the end of my second tube!). I have combination/oily skin so I always gravitate towards matte finish foundations. Granted, I still do have to set with a translucent powder (Rimmel Stay Matte is my go to) and I occasionally have to powder my nose during the day, but this is probably more a reflection on my skin rather than the foundation.

I’ve tried Mac, Estee Lauder, Chanel, the list goes on, but this is the only foundation that sits well on my skin for the whole day. I’ve tried so many foundations that make me look hairy? Is this a thing? Like the product clings to the hairs on my face and just looks gross.

This is a medium coverage, long lasting foundation which applies well with both a sponge and a brush (I have recently bought the Morphe M439 which is huge and amazing).

I am very hesitant to say it is my Holy Grail as I get scared I am tempting fate, but until another sweeps me off my feet, ima roll with it.

p.s I pair this with the L’Oreal Infallible Primer and they work beautifully together.

Have you tried this one? What do you think?

over and out, the new girl x

*despite it sounding like it this was not sponsored by L’Oreal!!*


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