£5 concealer you need in your makeup bag

I was trawling through Beauty Bay and these concealers kept catching my eye. Having never heard of L.A Girl, I did a bit of research and decided you can’t go wrong with a £5 concealer, can you?

It is so difficult choosing shades online if you don’t already know what shade you are, so I googled endless swatches and eventually settled on Porcelain, Medium Beige and the Orange Corrector. I naturally went for the lightest shade to use under my eyes as I am a pale princess *insert crown emoji* and the lightest shade in most ranges. I ordered Medium Beige as I thought it would be a good shade to contour with and the Orange Corrector is meant for balancing out dark under eye circles.

I have used these for over a week now and I love them. So light and creamy, they blend like a dream and don’t cake! The applicator gets a bit messy (as you can see in the pic), but it’s easy to use. My only criticism would be that there doesn’t seem to be a lot of product in the tube. As you can tell from the picture the two I have used look half empty! (But for £4 I can’t complain)

Unfortunately, Medium Beige is waaaaay to orange to be used as a contour – it took me back to year 10 when you go ham on the bronzer thinking it looks au naturale. Such a shame because they blend so easily it would have been ideal.

Have you tried these concealers? Any suggestions which shade I should try for a contour?

over and out, the new girl x


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