The perfect contour for pale skin

If you are like me – super pale and struggle to find a contour product that doesn’t leave you looking like someone attacked your cheeks with an orange sharpie, then look no further as I have found the perfect contour shade for you!

I’ve heard so much about the Kevyn Aucoin sculpting powder, but at £35 a go I just couldn’t justify it (could happily order £35 worth of curry just for myself though…logical). Anyway, I’ve been using The Body Shop honey bronzer (01) for yonks, but this one time I saw my face in an awful lighting and I’m now convinced this powder looks orange on me.

So I conducted some research. Research at uni was the bane of my life, but research for new makeup = fun. After some comprehensive background checks I descended on Boots on my lunch break and headed straight for the NYX counter.

The NYX High Definition Blush in Taupe is the perfect grey toned brown that when applied to paler skin tones creates the perfect ‘shadow colour’ and hence the perfect contour shade. It’s the right amount of pigmented, blends easily and plays nicely with my foundation. AND IT IS £6.

You’re welcome.

Over and out, the new girl x


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